43-48 years (Anchored Adult)

piechartanchoredadult2By now most adults reach a stage, where they know where they stand in life, assuming the mid-life crisis that may have started in the previous Blobs has not shaken their world.

For those who work, it is a time of high productivity resulting from a good combination of experience and intellectual ability. Thus, many receive recognition for achievements at work as they possibly reach middle/upper management levels. For those with a secure job, this may be the beginning of a ‘maintenance phase’ in career. Towards the end of this Blob, fluid intelligence, which is the capacity to understand new problem areas and to solve them without having much previous knowledge, and the intellectual ability dependent on speed may decrease. Some may also notice slowing down in mental processing in the area of short-term memory. On the other hand, crystallized intelligence, which is the ability to use skills, knowledge and experience of the world  increase and compensates for that.

AnchoredAdult_pin (1) (400 x 600)For the parent who took time off from work, it may be a time to return to work life or, if required, to study and start a new vocation. In general, time pressure often limits social activities of the family as career, kids and other compulsory social responsibilities take charge. Also, parent’s of the anchored adult may require increased attention due increased age and other health problems.

Physically, around this time, most people notice that seeing objects closer than 2 feet
becomes difficult. This change in vision, called presbyopia, occurs because the lens in the eye stiffens, requiring the use of glasses to read the small print. Wrinkles and gray hair increase. Muscle-to-fat ratio changes, with an accumulation of fat in the stomach area, also known as the middle age spread. Physical capabilities decline and the immune system becomes less adept at fighting off illness. Unrealistic expectations of the society on the woman to always look youthful can cause psychological issues. Men, on the other hand may be considered sexy and mature as they age. This phenomenon is also reflected on online dating sites, where men have more online followers when they are in their late 40s, while women’s online desirability peaks at age 21.

With the half-century milestone approaching, the anchored adult starts accepting that time is finite and assumes a sense of urgency and desire to make a mark in life. Thus, some may start writing that book that they always wanted to, and others (like myself!) may start a blog, yet others may get active for a social cause.

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