piechart-springSpring is the time for learning.

A time for forming your personality and identity.

A time of rapid development and growth.

A time full of energy, strength and optimism.

In Spring everything is beautiful and new. Nature is blooming and growing rapidly. At the same time the little ones need protection from external factors to help them learn basic survival skills and to grow strong to be able to survive the heat of Summer.

Click here for the 1st Blob of Spring: Toddler

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Spring: 1-6, 7-12, 13-18, 19-24
Summer: 25-30, 31-36, 37-42, 43-48
Autumn: 49-54, 55-60, 61-66, 67-72
Winter: 73-78, 79-84, 85-91, 91-…

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