6 weeks-6 months (Baby)

In this blob the baby has come to terms with the initial shock of being in existence. If the bond of trust has been built in the previous stage, the baby will now feel much more at ease with its surrounding. It might even have started some sort of a regular pattern, making not only its own life, but also that of the parents a little more comfortable. Movement though, is still very restricted, with full dependency on the caregivers to reach from one place to the other.

Neck muscles strengthen and at some time around 3 months the baby will be able to hold its own head without support. Around 4 months it might roll over. Around 6 months it might be sitting on its own and will be able to support itself. The baby will bounce and rock and train fine motoric skills. It will grasp and hold toys and investigate them through touch, by observing and by putting them in its mouth.
Vision becomes much more focused and color perception develops. A baby will 0-6develop adult like vision by the time it is 6 months old. It can recognize the caregiver and respond to facial expressions. It will turn its head towards sound and will start babbling. At 6 months a baby can differentiate phonemes and tones in its own language.

Milk is still the main nourishment, although some babies might have started on additional supplements. The periods of sleeping at night can become longer once the baby starts taking more filling meals at night. Still the baby will be sleeping during most of the day (and most, by night).

At 6 months the first bonds of love and trust will have been built. It will like and enjoy playing with others and will develop humor. It will laugh and smile a lot towards everyone and anyone and will understand the affects of its actions and the basic rules of the world: “if i smile at a face, it smiles back!”; “when I let go of something, it falls, and someone picks it up”; “when I cry, someone comes and soothes me”. This is the beginning of the dawn of logic!

The baby loves to hear sounds and the feel of touch and both are very important as this develops its cognitive skills. The sphere of experimentation is still very limited due to lack of mobility, but this changes in the next stage!

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